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Are you a highly achieving and motivated professional looking for or currently in a Medical Affairs career?


You're in the right place if you are looking for:


Job Search Strategies, Career Development, and a Fulfilled Life of Excellence.


Are you struggling with:

Attaining the position of your dreams?

Knowing what direction to go in your career?

Finding work/life alignment?

Discovering like-minded people to motivate you?

Wasting time wondering what the future holds?


Get clear direction for YOUR Medical Affairs career.

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What Our Clients Say:

Medical Director, Immunology 

"Since I found Tom and Sarah - I do not feel alone on my journey anymore. 

Your advice has been working well for me, especially as I engage with the top KOLs.

Having someone who understands my challenges and provides effective guidance has truly been making a world of difference."

Medical Science Liaison, Oncology

"I lacked confidence the first 6 months of my MSL role.

I wasn't getting emails back from KOLs and I didn't know what to do.

Sarah helped me formulate a strategy and plan for my first year in the field.

I now have someone to ask all those questions everyone wonders about but no one wants to ask."

Medical Science Liaison, Oncology

"Had my first day yesterday and my team is awesome! Thank you again for all your help with my resume and my interview preparation!" - Hilary

Medical Director, Immunology

"Even with my MD, I wasn't getting any looks from industry. I revamped my About Section using the LinkedIn Profile Lab and I had 2 interviews in a month!"-Deborah

 Associate Director, Rare Disease

"I used language and techniques I learned from you to better highlight my experiences and negotiated a $7k increase in my base salary!"-Ben

Aspiring MSL, PhD

"I completed all 4 of my individual interviews for the 2nd round yesterday and feel good that I did my best- I was prepared thanks to The Aspire MSL Program!"-Catherine

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You deserve EXCELLENCE in your Medical Affairs career AND your life.

Meet Tom!

I've owned an Executive Recruiting firm for Medical Affairs for over 20 years.

I'm the host of the #1 Career Podcast, MSL Talk. 

As a high-performance coach and expert in career development, I understand the importance of having a clear strategy and the right mindset to achieve your goals.

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Meet Sarah!

I'm a PharmD with 20+ years of experience as a Medical Science Liaison in large pharma and small biotech. I'm also a mom of 3 and a distance runner.


As a recruiter in the industry, I can discover ways to maintain excellence in your career and your life.

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Our Clients Thrive With Excellence:


Aspiring MSL:


"Aspire MSL helped me grow my network amongst like-minded individuals while giving me the tools necessary to landing a role in pharma."

New Nephrology MSL:


"The support that Tom and Sarah provided me on my resume, presentation, and interview responses ultimately was priceless. I cannot wait to start my MSL role!"

Senior MSL:


"My CV needed a redesign and I didn't know where to begin. Sarah and Tom helped me make the process painless AND I got 2 interviews in 8 days."

You CAN have excellence in your career and life.


MSL Mastery is for you.


We support:


 Aspiring MSLs 


Professionals Seeking Resume or LinkedIn assistance


Professionals Looking for Interview Help


Those wanting a Community or support for your first 3 years as an MSL


Companies Needing MSL Training


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